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Create the e-Life & Business that YOU DESERVE!!

The 7 Day Bootcamp Series
Reveals How To Create Your PERFECT


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The Video Series covers the KEY PRINCIPLES required to learn how to establish your e-Lifestyle Business from the ground up...

  • Video 1 (15 mins): Introduction - Who Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are, how they started online and how we can help you create YOUR digital lifestyle.

  • Video 2 (15 mins): Cashing in on the Digital Gold Rush - Are you ready to understand how the process of making money online actually works?

  • Video 3 (14 mins): Big Problem, Big Solution - You can profit online without any prior experience through our cutting edge SFM digital business system.

  • Video 4 (19 mins): List Building for Profit - Generate multiple income streams as an authorized affiliate (reseller).

  • Video 5 (12 mins): Multiple Income Streams Included - Focus on building profitable income streams.

  • Video 6 (27 mins): They'll never be Obsolete Again - Learn about Greg and Fiona and how their life was affected when they were in the corporate world.  Hear their inspiring story and how they reinvented themselves for the digital economy.

  • Video 7 (35 mins): Creating the Future YOU Really Want - Meet Guy and Ilan Ferdman who are the epitome of being a "product-of-the-product."

    SFM Vid Series
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    Yes! I am ready for the Video Series!

    The Video Series offers life-changing valuable information, so why not take advantage of it?

    When I, JC, had the opportunity to watch the videos for the first time I thought to myself "Is this for real?  Or is this just a scheme?"  But I kept an open mind and almost 4 months later here I am, sharing my story with you, because once I covered all the series and started working closer with Raúl to establish our business I realized how much knowledge I was acquiring.

    As we got more involved in creating the e-Lifestyle that we want, we started working closer together with the Six Figure Mentors in order to expand the exclusive private community of like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals like yourself that want something different out of life and thus, want to establish their own e-brand and e-lifestyle.  I must add that this community is unlike any other because you are not just a business person, you are also a friend and part of the family.

    You may be asking yourself, what does the above information have to do with the Video Series and education?  And my answer to you would be, it has everything to do with them, because the 7-Day Video Series provides you with the necessary information to know how to get started in the online business.  Furthermore, it shows you how the Six Figure Mentors' training, coaching, mentoring and business system can help you establish an e-business that you can run from practically anywhere in the world and the best part, you do not need to have prior experience.

    In short, the video series and membership offers you an exciting journey with top-of-the-line education unlike anything you have ever seen in traditional and/or online business.