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Your e-Lifestyle by JR has partnered with the Six Figure Mentors because we want to provide you with the necessary tools, training and resources so that you may acquire the necessary skills to operate in the e-marketing industry. Thus, enabling you to either start an online business or grow an existing one. As you can watch in the video below the Six Figure Mentor training program aims to make it easier than ever to start or grow an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world through SFM’s digital business system.

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Let Your e-Lifestyle by JR and the SFM help you succeed in your business or new venture!

Mentoring & Coaching
@ Your e-Lifestyle by JR we inspire people to achieve their goals through mentoring and coaching, because as humans we need others to help us reach our destination.



@ Your e-Lifestyle by JR we also help you create your brand through an in-depth study of your business; this ensures that your brand communicates the reason for your company.

Training & Education
@ Your e-Lifestyle by JR we provide training courses and webinars so that you may stay current and get new ideas on how to progress in your business and personal life.


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Business Expansion & Growth
@ Your e-Lifestyle by JR we challenge the status quo by helping you join like-minded people through our site Joint Venture Match so that #together you and others from around the world may expand your #business and can grow exponentially rather than linearly.

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If you are interested in growing, expanding and/or re-engineering your business feel free to contact us.