My professional journey began in 1990 and since then I have been bouncing up and down from one job to another; trying to fit in but not really being able to stay with the same company for too long.  I could enumerate a long list of reasons why I was not able to keep the job but the problem boils down to me.  It wasn't that I performed poorly or that I was unprofessional; the reality is that it was me who wanted out and, believe it or not, it was me that produced that result because I have always wanted to find the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect lifestyle.  And most likely you, like many others in the past, would say to me that nothing is perfect and that I was wasting my time pursuing wild dreams.  However, let me agree to disagree, because according to Merriam-Webster perfect is  defined as "having all the qualities you want in that kind of person, situation, etc.," so in reality I was not mistaken in chasing that perfection in everything. 


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Granted, the quest for this almost utopian ideal has not been easy at all; it has been challenging, difficult, draining, at times even confusing because I have felt like giving up, I have felt defeated, but even then, even in my darkest hour, makes me think of perfection again.

And this is precisely what recently happened to me; I had a very good job in the O&G industry with a great income but due to the current situation of that market I was let go.  I desperately tried to hang on, but the more I tried the harder it got.  It was around that moment that Raúl, my business partner and cousin, introduced me to the online business concept presented by the Six Figure Mentors platform.  At first I was compelled to criticise and to judge this opportunity because I thought that it was a money scam or a way to benefit just a selected few.


But I was up for a rude awakening when in May I had the opportunity to meet and befriend not only leaders in the community, but the founders of the Six Figure Mentors platform themselves, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.  Not only did I get to meet them, but also got to see their humanity, humility and desire to help others achieve what they have.  It was their values that actually sold me out on this and thus, inspired me to continue my quest.


Now I know that I have found the perfect place to grow as a professional, as an individual and as an entrepreneur.  This is the place I was looking for because not only do I get to learn and make friendships with like-minded people, but also I get to be creative and to expand my mind and spirit to find new opportunities that can benefit others.


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