Frequently Asked Questions


Stuart Ross answers some of the most common questions

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How is Your e-Lifestyle by JR associated with the Six Figure Mentors?

We are accredited affiliates and members of the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy; therefore, we receive an "affiliate commission" when we refer a new member to the SFM. Furthermore, it is through the SFM and the DEA that we have learned about marketing so we know we are recommending the best type of business training and education available online.

Can I have some time to test the SFM program?

Indeed you can!!!  You can actually test drive the SFM program for 30 days for free.  And right now if you are interested you can take advantage of Stuart's "Six Months to Six Figures" private seminar recordings where you'll learn the the secrets to building a profitable online business starting from scratch!  Furthermore, with all of the SFM products the applicable rules are available and clear before you purchase anything.

Is there an age limit?

The minimum age to start is 18 years old.

If you have any other questions ...

You may send us an e-mail to or you may contact us through this site