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"If you have not consciously made the decision to be rich, excellent, and healthy, then you have unconsciously made the decision to be poor, mediocre, and unhealthy." - Wallace D. Wattles

Get ready to start your online business so that you may enjoy the best things that life has to offer.

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Honestly, anything your heart desires

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Get the necessary skills, know-how & support to start your OWN e-business on your terms

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As individuals we are always looking to growing financially, intellectually and spiritually in order to break away from traditional patterns.  Therefore, the training that is provided is geared to maximizing your growth in the areas that are IMPORTANT TO YOU.

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Your e-Life, your Terms

By applying our up-to-date technological breakthroughs and accessing the tools that we provide, you will not only learn to empower yourself but also to open your mind beyond your imagination so that you may create a business that will maximize your personal and income earning potential.


Live the Life you Deserve

You can accomplish this by applying what you will learn, by masterminding with others in our community and leveraging your experiences; this combination will help you unlock a brand new way of operating that will be challenging and exciting.  Hard work is definitely involved, yet, the life that you deserve is waiting for you.

How can we be of service to you?

Your e-Lifestyle By JR works closely with the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy in order to teach you the skills of digital marketing.  The necessary educational tools, resources, training and community support is provided so that you may succeed. The transferred knowledge will enable you to either start an online business, grow an existing one (online or traditional).

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Key Steps to having an Outstanding e-Lifestyle Business


Target Audience

A. Targeted Advertising

Today, advertising online is the most powerful tool a business can have. Furthermore, the internet allows you to easily find a target audience for your offers, so you can basically start getting people to your website in just minutes!

Lead Generation

B. Lead Generating Websites

Nowadays Websites, such as this one can easily be created in a short time, without having to program or hiring an expensive web designer! Even better, once a site is accessible online it can work for you non-stop 24/7!

Increase Audience

C. Build your Client List

With excellent tools such as autoresponders, you can easily stay in contact with potential clients year-round by providing valuable information!


D. Provide Value

Give more in use value than you take in cash value; this is a tenet by  which a business must live by as it adds to the life of the world!


E. Promote High-Quality Products

Regardless of whose product or service you promote, yours or someone else’s, the most important aspect to a wildly lucrative e-business is the promotion of high-quality products that will meet the needs of your clients and that are in huge demand!


F. What's next?

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If you want to find out how we can help you start your journey in an online business or a traditional one or if you have any inquiries at all,  please get in touch using the contact form provided or contact us at mail@yourelifestylebyjr.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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*Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results with the help of our training and business systems. All the products and services we provide are for educational and information purposes only. There are testimonials on this page where people have created results using our products and services; however, you can’t assume you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn a dime with our products and services as individual results will vary greatly according to effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.