Marriage & Family

I married my wife, Claudia, in 1995 after 5 years of dating and I consider myself lucky to have found her, with the help of my Mom, I might add!  We have 3 boys, Adrian, Andres and Aleck, who are a blessing and have brought us closer even more.


As a family, and due to my profession, we have had to travel and move to places like Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, the US and Canada, where we currently reside.  And I can assure you that it has not been easy because we have faced various challenges; yet we have overcome and learned from them.


My happy family!

At the rig site.

My Professional Life in the Oil & Gas Industry

Though I studied Geophysics in college I ended up working as a Directional Drilling Engineer around the World and it has been exhilarating. However, what has greatly affected my family and I financially is the boom and bust nature of the Industry.  For example in 2014 we had 3 of these cycles which lowered my income and by 2015 I had a net loss of 66%.

Therefore, in July of last year we were forced to downsize and it did hurt us all.  Regardless of this dire situation, I can honestly say that the O&G industry paid me well and gave us great benefits that we enjoyed for years.  The problem with this, was that I had no "Plan B" or contingency when things were rough.

So, after the last industry downsizing, I decided to look for another alternative


The Moment of Truth!

After extensive research and many sleepless nights glued to my laptop – sometime in tears – I might add, I found Stuart Ross who inspired me and showed me that there was another path that I could follow and I am eternally grateful!

It was such a joy to discover this opportunity that I became quite unpredictable, as my wife puts it, because from one day to the next I made the decision to go to London so that I could assist to "Momentum Day" and soon thereafter, in January 2016,  I signed up with the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy with the purpose of building and creating a different future for my family and for myself.

I am now pursuing my goal with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek as my mentors and by following their business model I have been able to transform my life in these 6 months; there is no telling what is possible in the upcoming 6 months. I expect and am convinced that the Sky is the Limit!!!



Momentum Day
Momentum Day 2016