Merry Christmas and Happy-Prosperous New Year 2017 – from Your_e_Lifestyle_by_JR…

This email is to say hello and to wish you and your Family a Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.

As we have shared with you before, JC and myself, set ourselves on a path were we are embracing the real opportunities that the Internet and the Digital Economy’s exponential growth is bringing to everyday and ordinary individuals like us. This Year has proven to be one of learning and adjusting. As any new skill and knowledge base one sets out to learn, one will always find obstacles and challenges; specially when one is doing it along with our everyday lives as it relates to work, family, personal agendas, etc…

With this short post, we in addition are sharing with you that our plans for 2017 are to continue to provide value to the marketplace and people sharing our stories, findings, growing knowledge base and tools with you in order to have a positive impact in the World. As our Mentors, Coaches, and friends Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have shown us, leading by example first, quitting or giving up is not an option if one is determined to succeed in an endeavor as an entrepreneur. Therefore, with determination and humbleness we would like to suggest to you our dear and valued subscriber and friend to continue to explore along with us all these new developments that are allowing many people to succeed and design their lifestyles in new, self-made, more empowering and fulfilling ways.

We would like to share with you this video clip were JC and myself along with 30 other like-minded people and entrepreneurs from all over the World had the most life-changing moments this past June in Bali Indonesia in the Digital Experts Academy’s Black Level Yearly retreat along with the Founders.

We hope you watch this video and see us and our other pears in action and reaction mode as the Leaders really take us down a path that really changed everything for us!

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